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The Keep It Glossy set is a specially curated Stay Glossy lip gloss set that includes two new limited edition shades, Almond Cookie and Pink Icicle, plus two of our best selling shades, Almond Butter and Jazzy. These four shades make up the ultimate wardrobe of non-sticky, high shine, universally flattering lip glosses, making this set a perfect gift to give or keep!

Our Stay Glossy lip gloss veils lips in an ultra glossy, non-sticky wash of color with a silky smooth feel.

Achieve the perfect pout with our Stay Glossy lip gloss, the ultimate way to transform your lips into a glossy work of art. Whether worn alone for a playful glossy look or layered over lip liner/lipstick to create a defined lip combo with a dose of shine. Watch as the gloss enhances and amplifies, giving your lips a lustrous and radiant finish. These versatile glosses are adaptable to your style. Play around with different color combinations to create unique looks that suit any occasion.

With its innovative flat paddle applicator, achieving smooth and even color has never been easier. Each swipe glides effortlessly, ensuring flawless application every time. Say goodbye to uneven patches and hello to perfectly polished lips.

Not only does our Stay Glossy lip gloss enhance your lips with its stunning color, but it also comes in modern clear bottles with soft touch caps. These chic packaging choices allow the rich color to peek through, making them an eye-catching addition to your makeup collection.

*Please note that colors may vary from what you see on your screen. Factors such as what device you are using, monitor settings, lighting conditions, and individual skin tones all influence the appearance of the colors.