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Vanity Box Cosmetics


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The only blending sponge set you'll ever need! 

Each set comes with the following sponges:
(From left to right in order of the box placements)

- Down Right Perfect blending sponge: Our 2-in-1 sponge gives you both a round end and a long diagonal cut, best used to blend in your foundation or any other cream products

- Definer & Setting blending sponge: Comes with 2 short diagonal cuts and a pointed tip at the opposite end, the diagonal cut helps define areas desired to be sculpted

- Overall Complexion blending sponge: Comes with 2 long diagonal cuts with a round end on the opposite side, this dual purpose sponge is best used to blend in your cream products on one end and your powders on the other

- Precision blending sponge: This elongated oval shaped sponge is best used to apply cream or powder under-eye products